Fintiv’s SaaS platform can enable new revenue opportunities.  Here are three examples from around the globe of Fintiv being used in new and innovative ways to enhance business.



Simsol in Italy augmented their existing business with Fintiv Rewards. Using the Fintiv APIs, they created a program that uses a customer's loyalty transactions as a basis to generate offers, which when redeemed are used to capture the ROI and impact of the merchant’s advertising.

They have recently upgraded their hardware terminals to a mobile-based app for merchants and customers.

Simsol's success as spawned a YouTube channel in Italy hosted by Simsol's founder, Stefano, to help merchants use these simple tools to generate effective marketing, turning him into a hero of small business.

IQ Gecko

IQ Gecko is a payments and loyalty company for large retailers in Australia. IQ Gecko uses the Fintiv Rewards engine as a "source of truth" to keep transaction history, balances and customer data, on which all other systems rely. With Fintiv as the base, they integrated New Payment’s and Sales Grabber. IQ Gecko is able to overlay customer and loyalty data on top of transactions, so clerks can engage with their customers on a more personal level.

IQ Gecko's clients include global brands in the transportation, retail and hospitality industries. Their success in Australia has been so substantial, they now sub-license their solution, built on top of the Fintiv platform, to agencies in New Zealand and South Asia.

Loyalty Startup

A loyalty-based startup in North America has built a marketing company around the data generated by offering loyalty programs to its client's customers using Fintiv Rewards. Although they concentrate mostly in North America, their clientele fans out to the rest of the world and comprises a good percentage of the 12 languages and 60 countries that Fintiv provides its platforms to.

Using the Fintiv Reward APIs, they are able to create custom interfaces and dashboards with ROI metrics based on each segment's needs. Their global outreach and bespoke approach to each industry has translated into increased interest by ever larger brands looking for innovative companies. All because of their smart use of the Fintiv platform.