Mobilizing a Better Future®

Make marketing and customer engagement easy with one single platform

Engaging with customers in a digital world means delivering relevant and timely messages to the one device they are never without…their mobile phone. Fintiv makes marketing and customer engagement easy with a single platform that allows you to create, schedule, target and track campaigns

Already have marketing platforms that you love? No problem. Fintiv can act as the single point of integration bringing every platform together for automated reporting and easy management.


Start Sending Out Targeted Offers Right Away


Fintiv’s suite of offers and ad management tools built directly into it’s platform means you can simply plug Fintiv into your existing app and start sending out targeted offers right away. Don’t have a mobile app? No problem. Simply white label Fintiv’s mobile offering.

Fintiv’s platform is so versatile, it can scale, customize and deploy under any circumstance, with any existing architecture and automates redemption with POS.

And because we know that every industry is different, Fintiv offers can be tailored specifically for your customer base, operating systems and business goals.



Create and publish targeted offers and ads to your digital channels. Manage campaign parameters from start to end.


Schedule campaigns and offers to go out at designated time, or when certain actions are performed by customers.


Create and publish targeted offers and ads to your digital channels. Manage campaign parameters form start to end.


Manage digital offerings for every digital channel, creating a consistent customer experience no matter how they encounter your brand.


Send offers to your existing customer base through email, in-app notifications, SMS or push notifications.


Reduced Costs
Fintiv lowers the total cost for digital marketing and commerce services and simplifies marketing by reducing the resources required to manage campaigns.


Set up a geofence or defined area to serve branded offers when customer is in proximity of a store location, beacon or BLE.


Personalized Offers
Integrate with our current CRM to personalize offers and rewards for all customer segments for better ROI on every marketing campaign.


Analytics & Reporting
Analytics on impressions, click-thrus and app usage. Automate reporting for any platforms integrated to Fintiv.


Ad Exchange
Monetize your digital channels by selling ad space to partners or vendors.

Where Do You Want to Take Your Customer Journey?

We know that every industry is different, that’s why Fintiv’s platform gives you the flexibility to integrate your existing partners using Fintiv’s APIs, or ask your Fintiv sales representative about using one of your Preferred Partners for a turnkey outsourced solution.

+ ID Cards
+ Ticketing
+ Maps
+ Event calendar
+ Interactive games
+ Meal plan
+ Tuition
+ Building access
+ Transit
+ Emergency notifications