An entirely digital banking experience, where customers can use their
mobile phone to do almost anything. No more physical credit or debit
cards. No more outside payment networks. No more excuses.

A Digital Ecosystem

The Fintiv platform creates an entirely digital ecosystem for banks and credit
unions that allows everything to be done through a mobile app.

Incentivize behaviors with offers and ads, then reward those behaviors with points
or perks. Pay using a mobile phone anywhere.



Card-Linked Offers

Link coupons, offers and specials to your
branded credit and debit cards to give
members discounts, or incentivize them
to shop local stores.



Use mobile payments at any
participating area merchant.



Pay for books at the bookstore
and check out books at the

Task List

Digital ID

Digital student ID available in the
mobile app. Can be scanned
anywhere on campus.

Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking

Integrate Fintiv’s mobile wallet into your
existing app, or use our white-label app
to create a branded experience like no

Mobile Payments

Mobile Payments

Bank members can pay with their
mobile phone at any participating
merchant. Members can just tap and go
with ease.


Account Balance/Transfer

Bank members can check their balance
and transfer money between accounts
directly from the mobile app.


P2P & Remittance

Send money to friends and family any
time, whether they’re next door, or in
another country. Fintiv’s mobile wallet
makes money transfer easy.

Integrate Your Existing
Banking Systems

The Fintiv platform can integrate to your existing banking
systems, and even give local merchants an opportunity
to publish relevant and timely offers to your customers.

The power of Fintiv is in the simplicity. Fintiv handles the
integration to all of your existing systems for a seamless
digital transformation. And you control everything from
promotions to rewards to payment types from a single
web portal.

Give Your Customers a Completely Digital Experience


Don’t let Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay get in the way of
your relationship with your customers.
It’s an easier step then you think to give your customers a
completely digital experience that focuses on all of their
transactional needs, not just payment.
Give your customers the ability to take advantage of offers and
discounts from merchants. Let them use mobile pay to earn
rewards. And make easy for them to keep up with their balances,
send money to friends and relatives, and maintain their direct
relationship with their bank.